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the something to my everything

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good night doodle


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I started Dating Simulator: Origins recently so I could get through all of them before Inquisition is released 

So far I like it!!

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how does 6 seconds have such a drastic plot twist

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There were some amazing scenes on MTMTE 21, I just wanted to draw them out:3

First Aid: This part made me tear up. I felt really bad for Aid because not only did he kill Pharma, but now he has to deal with Ambulon’s and the Delphi patients’ deaths.

Minumus Ambus: Gosh darn, I’ve never been so happy to see this guy in my life. 

Cyclonus vs. Star Saber: Most badass fight yet. And Cyclonus’ speech  was way too amazing for words.  

Cyclonus and Tailgate: OK, I’m pretty sure I almost had a heart attack here because I thought he really did went through with TG’s request and killed him. But he saved him, and gosh, am I happy they are both alright. Ah I don’t think I made this scene much justice but I had to draw it ;3;

Rodimus and Fort Max: Max is the new Enforcer and I don’t think anyone else is better for the job. He went through so much torture and trauma, I’m really happy he’s getting a second chance, but I’m sad to see him go:(

There are way too many scenes I want to drawwwwwwww, ah I’ll get to them!

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Words Are Dead
Agnes Obel
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 agnes obel | words are dead

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nailed it.

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More shots from Shadowmoon Valley.  I kind of got lost looking for a pylon for twenty minutes and just wandered around.  Hopefully the area will remain so mob sparse as you quest through the zone (a lot of the mob traffic seems to be phased according to quest in this area atm) because wow sweet RP area potential.